Hippurate-131I for injection

Radionuclidic purity: 

≥ 99.9%

Radiochemical purity: 

≥ 96%

Calibration 7 days
Expiration Hippurate-131I for injection expires 21 days from manufacturing date.
Storage:  Store in refrigerator (2OC – 8OC). During transportation (not longer than 7 days after production date) up to 25OC.
Pharmaceutical form:  Solution for injection.
Active substance:  Sodium 2-[131I]iodohippurate 3.7 - 74 MBq/ml
Excipients:  benzyl alcohol sodium chloride water for injection
Package:  10 ml glass vial sealed with a rubber stopper and an aluminum crimp cap, placed in a lead shielding container. The vial contains a volume of the solution corresponding to the activity determined  on the calibration day.
Indications:  Hippurate-131I is a radiopharmaceutical used in diagnostics of kidneys dysfunction and urinary tract obstructions (dynamic renal scintigraphy, renoscintigraphy). Renal scintigraphy utilizing this radiopharmaceutical allows the evaluation of: • kidney blood flow resolution (effective renal plasma flow – ERPF), • renal tubular  function, • urine outflow from the pyelocalyceal system, • vesico-ureteral reflux (examination during miction), • renal function impairment in transplanted kidney and can be used in the diagnostics of renovascular hypertension (particularly in the captopril enhanced renal scintigraphy). The preparation accumulates in the kidneys where it concentrates and is later excreted.
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