Industrial Radioactive Source

industrial source imageEckert & Ziegler Isotope Products offers a wide range of sealed radiation sources for industrial measurement and gauging, analytical instruments and mineral / oil well logging applications. In addition to our industry-standard capsule designs, a full custom design and one-off manufacturing service is available.

IPL offers a full line of industrial Gauging Sources, XRF Sources, Well Logging, and Line Sources. Point sources are offered in our HEG and PHI series sources.Line sources are offered in our HEGL series. Many of our sources meet and surpass the stringent requirements of Well logging sources and are registered for that application.

Gauging sources are offered in various nuclides in our HEG and PHI series. The HEG series sources generally contain high energy gamma emitting nuclides and are generally double encapsulated.Many of the HEG sources are rated for Well Logging applications. The PHI series contain low energy gamma emitting nuclides and are singlely encapsulated.

Many of the PHI series sources are made of Stainless Steel and meet gauging as well as well logging specifications. Some of the PHI series sources employ a Beryllium window to enhance the emission of very low energy gammas and X-rays. These sources, housed in IPL’s A3204 and A3205 series capsules, do not meet well logging specifications.

Line Sources

Line sources are provided in either single or double encapsulations. The A3402 and A3414 series encompass the double encapsulated designs while the A3410 and A3411 encompass the singlely encapsulated series. Line sources are provided in custom lengths from 1 to 33 inches long. The following table provides dimensional and registry information.

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