Standardized Solutions

The products shown on these pages are representative sources used for common applications. If you cannot find the product with your specifications, please contact us using the corresponding email contact on this website. In most cases we will be able provide you with a solution meeting your requirements. You can also use our product request forms.

This section contains detailed information about radioactive solutions (liquid standards).  Mixed radionuclide solutions recommended by national standards laboratories (NIST-USA or PTB-Germany) used for calibrating gamma-ray spectrometers, are also shown. Low activity solutions manufactured by the National Physical Laboratory in the UK are also part of the Isotrak product range. A selected range of heavy element tracer solutions formerly manufactured in the Harwell laboratories in the United Kingdom is still available.

csm catalogue reference and calibration sources Seite 10 Bild 0001 image

If the required solution is not shown, please specify your requirements using the form at the end of this section.