Wide (large) area sources

The products shown on these pages are representative sources used for common applications. If you cannot find the product with your specifications, please contact us using the corresponding email contact on this website. In most cases we will be able provide you with a solution meeting your requirements. You can also use our product request forms.


One of the fundamental principles of radiation protection is that the dose to workers must be as low as reasonably practicable. In many laboratories the main risk is from ingestion or inhalation of the radionuclides. It is normal practice to monitor the workplace for surface contamination regularly and, in some cases, to check for airborne radioactive particles.

Our range of wide area reference sources is designed for calibrating portable surface contamination monitors, fixed hand/foot monitors and planchet counters for filter papers.

The main applications are:

  • Calibrating instruments to meet statutory requirements
  • Instrument type testing
  • Pre-use testing of instruments to prove fitness for purpose

Please select one of the types listed below:

These sources are available using the anodized manufacturing technique for sealed radiaoactive sources or the electroplated or evaporative deposition manufacturing technique.

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