Custom geometries

If the geometry reference source required is not shown in this catalogue, Eckert & Ziegler will try to assist you. Either a suitable container to match the dimensions you need can be recommended or your own container can be filled with the active material.

Please note:

1. Geometry reference sources are normally available with the following densities: – 0.02g/cm3 gas equivalent (1 atmosphere) – 0.1g/cm3 gas equivalent (10 atmospheres) – 0.2g/cm3 gas equivalent (20 atmospheres) – 0.5-0.6g/cm3 equivalent to granulated charcoal – 0.97g/cm3 water equivalent or any density from 0.7 to 3.0g/cm3 – Epoxy resin sources are also available (density 1.17g/cm3) – Other densities may be possible on request.

2. The minimum volume recommended is 1ml.

3. The maximum volume recommended is 20 litres.

4. We recommend that the activity of each radionuclide should be greater than 5kBq. Lower activities are available at additional cost.

5. Some of the resins cannot be used with some containers. If you would like us to use your own type of container, please send us 3 examples for assessment with your enquiry. Please enquire using the fax back form.

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