Proficiency Testing and Interlaboratory Cross Check Programs

Eckert & Ziegler Analytics announces Proficiency Test (PT) Program Expansion

The verification of analytical performance through a blind cross-check program is an integral part of an effective quality- assurance program; and is recommended by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and ANSI N42.23 -1996 American National Standard Measurement and Associated Instrument Quality Assurance for Radioassay Laboratories.Two distinct-inter-laboratory cross-check programs are offered by Analytics. The Inter-laboratory Cross-Check Program for Nuclear Power Plant laboratories provides blind samples that simulate routine effluent samples. The Inter-laboratory Cross-Check Program for Environmental Measurements laboratories provides blind samples at environmental levels in water, milk, soil, simulated vegetation, air filters and charcoal cartridges. Each program provides quarterly, blind samples at concentrations that permit an evaluation of your analytical accuracy. The concentration of radionuclide covers a range that allows for reasonable counting statistics.


  • Samples can be used for the training and testing of personnel and procedures.
  • Interferences and activity levels can be varied to better test procedures and equipment.
  • Analytics’ samples are carefully prepared from calibrated standards and shipped in stable forms, therefore the samples’ activities are more accurately known.
  • Traceability is maintained through Analytics’ participation in measurement assurance programs with NIST/NEI.

Training, procedure testing and measurements assurance are all areas that benefit from Analytics’ Inter-laboratory Cross-Check Programs. Please see as well our technical presentation.


  • Performance and technique evaluation
  • Technician qualification
  • Internal quality-control samples
  • Accuracy and precision evaluation
  • Evaluating sample-preparation procedures
  • Testing radiochemical procedures
  • Exploring new laboratory techniques
  • Qualifying computer software

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