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The products shown on these pages are representative sources used for common applications. If you cannot find the product with your specifications, please contact us using the corresponding email contact on this website. In most cases we will be able provide you with a solution meeting your requirements. You can also use our product request forms.

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Cs-137/Ba-137m isotope generator


The Cs-137/Ba-137m Isotope generator has been specifically designed for use in experiments in schools, universities and trainings centers to demonstrate the properties of radioactivity including half life.

Technical description

The Isotope generator (Drawing: VZ-1390-001) can be eluted up to 1,000 times to produce small /aliquots of a short lived radioactive solution. A flask containing 250ml of the necessary eluting solution is supplied with each generator, and the eluting solution is also available separately. The generator contains 33kBq or 370kBq of Cs-137 as the long-lived parent nuclide (half life 30.1 years).

The decay scheme of Cs-137 is shown above.

csm catalogue isotrak reference and calibration sources Seite 104 Bild 0001 imagecsm VZ 1390 001 image csm catalogue isotrak reference and calibration sources Seite 104 Bild 0002 imagecsm CDRB1385 Decay scheme image

Ordering information


Nominal activity

Product code


33 kBq



370 kBq


Eluting solution 250ml (inactive) (0.9% NaCl)



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Demonstration sources


A set of easy-to-handle sources of different radionuclides is available for further experiments on radioactivity. The design of the sources and their activities have been selected to permit effective experiments while minimizing the potential hazard.


The radioactive substance is housed in a recess in an aluminium holder 85mm long and 12mm in diameter. The activity is sealed in a stainless steel capsule (Cs-137, Co-60), incorporated in a metal foil (Sr-90, Am-241) or fixed on a disc (Na-22). The mixed source consists of a stainless steel capsule containing Cs-137, in front of which foils incorporating Sr-90 and Am-241 are placed.

For reference the construction of the sources is shown in drawings VZ-2297-001 and VZ-2297-002. Each source set is supplied in a aluminium storage container (drawing: VZ-2582-001) and each single sources is supplied in a singe hole storage container (drawing: VZ-2583-001).

csm demosources imagecsm VZ 2297 001csm VZ 2582 001 image csm L1030325 imagecsm VZ 2297 imagecsm VZ 2583 image

Ordering information – Source sets


Nominal activity

Product code

Set 1 Am-241 Co-60 Na-22 Sr-90

74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq

Set 2 Am-241 Co-60 Na-22 Sr-90 Cs-137

74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq

Set 3 Am-241 Co-60 Na-22 Sr-90 Mixed-Nuclide Source: Am-241 Cs-137 Sr-90 74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq 74 kBq 4,4 kBq 74 kBq 4,4 kBq QCRB17290
Set 4 Am-241 Cs-137 Sr-90

4,4 kBq 74 kBq 4,4 kBq


Ordering information – Single Sources


Nominal activity

Product code

Am-241 74 kBq AMRB8151

74 kBq 370 kBq

CDRB8151 CDRB18308


3,7 kBq 74 kBq

CKRB8153 CKRB8151


74 kBq


Sr-90 74 kBq SIRB8151

1) The design of these sources has been approved by the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) and can be ordered in Germany without a handling license for radioactive material (Licence No. BfS 01/10 StrlSchV). (Genehmigungsfreier Umgang in Deutschland – Bauartzulassung BfS 01/10 StrlSchV)

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AktivLab™ – Demonstration set for experiments on radioactivity

The AktivLab is under technical review and is temporarily not available. We will inform you in our ‘What’s new’ section when it will be available.


AktivLab™ contains everything needed to carry out experiments to demonstrate the fundamental properties of radioactivity. The kit includes detailed descriptions of experiments which are suitable for physics courses and for training professional health physicists. The radioactive source used is a radionuclide generator, similar in principle to generators used in nuclear medicine.

csm aktivlab image

Experiments that are performed with AktivLab include:

  • Measuring the half life of Ba-137m
  • The absorption of gamma rays in lead
  • The inverse square law
  • Estimating the activity of a radioactive source
  • The statistics of radioactive decay
  • Measuring the plateau of a detector

Isotrak ratemeter

Power supply

9V battery or mains adaptor

Selectable count times

1s, 10s, 60s, 100s and continuous

Counter tube voltage range

250V – 600V


4 digit LCD


up to 50 counting results


220mm x 108mm x 60mm


NEW: Ethernet interface

Geiger-Müller tube

Radiations detected

alpha, beta and gamma

Window thickness

1.5 – 2.0mg/cm2

Effective window diameter


Ordering information


Product code

AktivLabTM Demonstration set with small size GM tube


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